Café Barbera has been roasting and selling coffee since 1870.A tradition which has lasted well over a century, full of commitment and great passion which become a unique product to satisfy customers’ needs. This has been the fundamental philosophy of this family business from Messina for 6 generations.

Choosing the best coffee beans, particular care for quality and continual research and innovation are what have made Café Barbera the oldest coffee roaster in Italy, synonymous with excellence.


Spread the aroma of authentic Italian espresso, for the palates’ of the most demanding, faithfully following the ancient principals of tradition, respecting quality and sustainability standards.

Painstaking selection of raw materials, constant quest for quality, and satisfying its clients, is what, Café Barbera, with its top quality products in the food and beverages sector, has always believed in, dedicating itself to making coffee for the pleasure of its customers, for almost one and a half centuries, since 1870.

The company strives to guarantee quality, and promote the all-Italian tradition of espresso coffee, both in coffee bars and at home.

Research and development

Research is one of Café Barbera’s strong points, always aiming at innovation and high quality.

Research and development are carried out in the company’s laboratories by specialized staff, who regularly check physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of each product, as well as packaging, essential for correct storage and shelf-life preservation.

Quality and certifications

In order to ensure quality and reliability of its products, Café Barbera has adopted a strict control system on its production line, from the purchase of raw materials, through roasting, to packaging.

This commitment towards a standard of excellence has allowed the company to obtain important certifications, from Food Safety (ISO 22000:2005) to Food Quality (ISO 9001:2008); regarding all phases of production: importation, processing, roasting, packaging and marketing.

Café Barbera is now also a member of CSC “Certified Special Coffee”, which, with a special, serially numbered, anti-counterfeit label, guarantees the quality of certified coffee blends that have undergone a series of checks, from the coffee plantations to the finished product.

Barbera and the environment

Café Barbera makes a point of respecting the environment in all of its activities, investing in and adopting human and technological resources to reduce both environmental impact and waste of materials, using renewable sources, having set up a process aimed at bringing about tangible improvements, year after year.

With this regard, the company has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with norm ISO 12001:2004 for environmental safeguard. In line with the company’s philosophy, Café Barbera has installed an innovative photovoltaic plant on the premises so as to avail of clean, safe energy, for the well-being of the environment and community.

Barbera in the community

Café Barbera has never failed to respect those principles of ethics and social responsibility, which are essential for the success of any enterprise, focused on a better quality of life, better working conditions and safeguard for the environment, for a close-knit society, with equal opportunities for all.

With regard to the acquisition of raw materials, our company adheres strictly to fair trade guidelines, without going against the interests of coffee growers in any way, and without any exploitation of laborers on coffee plantations.

In addition, Café Barbera promotes projects of professional training in cooperation with the Italian Committee for Social Reintegration and the Department of Education, which aims at helping poor, disabled or outcast people find a job. Thanks to the commitment Café Barbera has undertaken for many years now, a library has been set up in Guatemala and a charitable institution for homeless families has been built in Salvador.