100% Arabica capsules (10 Capsules)



The “Arabica 100%” capsule compatible with Nespresso® coffee machine is a blend of coffee-beans selected from amongst the most prized in the world. It’s made from coffee which has been certified by the Association of Certified Speciality Coffee (CSC), which assures its quality with the affixing of an holographic and numbered label on every packaged.
It is characterized by an elegant aroma, rich pleasant notes. The particular grinding of coffee produces an espresso with abundant crema with a fine texture and an intense hazelnut colour.
Arabica 100%” capsules are packed in self-protecting capsules which do not need any additional covering as they have an insulating layer which guarantees excellent preservation of ground coffee thanks to a true ‘barrier effect’, which protects the coffee from oxidation, humidity and light for at least 24 months, with reduced environmental impact.
Authentic italian espresso, packed in single severing capsules. Available in packs of 10.
*The brand name Nespresso® is not the property of Barbera 1870 S.p.A, nor of any of companies associated with them.

Composition: 100% Arabica.
Main countries of origins: Brazil, Honduras, India.
Sensorial notes: Hazelnut, Honey, Floral.

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