Classico capsules (10 Capsules)



Classico” capsule compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines contains selected coffees, chosen from the best Arabica and Robusta beans, having an intense, decided taste with roasted, chocolate notes.
The particular grinding of Barbera “Classico” capsule coffee produces an exceptionally creamy, rich, full-bodied espresso.
This combination of coffees from diverse origins, blended with experience, and roasted in the Barbera tradition creates a balanced, rich, long-lasting espresso taste.
Authentic Italian espresso coffee, packaged in single serving capsules. Available in packs of 10.
*The brand name Nespresso® is not the property of Barbera 1870 S.p.A, nor of any of companies associated with them.

Composition: 10%-20% Arabica – 90%-80% Robusta.
Main countries of origins: Central America, Tropical Africa, Brazil.
Sensorial notes: Caramel, Chocolate, Roasted cereals.