Bio organic capsules (10 Capsules)



The “Bio” capsule compatible with the Nespresso® * coffee machine contains a mixture of coffees, both arabica and robust, that come from organic crops where only natural farming methods are adopted, respecting the ecosystem and the health and safety of farmers . In addition, the coffees used were certified Fairtrade.
It is characterized by an intense aroma, rich and pleasant notes. The particular grinding. Used as a result.
The “Bio” capsules have been packaged in self-protective capsules that do not have any additional aspect and that have an insulating layer that guarantees excellent coffee conservation thanks to a unique barrier effect, which protects the coffee from oxidation, humidity and light for at least 24 months, with a reduced environmental impact.
Authentic Italian espresso, packed in single-cut capsules. Available in packages of 10 or 23.
* The Nespresso® brand is not owned by Barbera 1870 SpA, or any of the companies associated with them.

Composition: 50% Arabica bio – 50% Robusta bio.
Main countries of origins: México, Perú, India.
Sensorial notes: Candy, Honey, Roasted cereals.